The early years in Information Technology

My professional career started in 1999 while still in High School at the local Public Library. I was hired as a tech working evenings from post-it notes and rose to a full-time Technology Coordinator position to bring the Library into the 21st century. A dozen or so desktops and serial based terminals were upgraded into an Ethernet and WiFi network of nearly 100 desktops, laptops, and servers. In addition to my responsibilities at the Library, I was also on loan to support the IT needs of 10 other local Libraries.

One of my responsibilities was maintaining the Library website which led me to a passion for PHP & Drupal. This led to my first successful PHP application, OSIC, an open source platform for assigning Library Patrons limited computer time. OSIC was PHP and MySQL with integration to a custom .NET app running on Widows PCs which managed access time and authentication.